Ferrero Rocher Stands

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Well, after months of research and designing and re-designing, my Ferrero Rocher Sweet Stand is finally ready for launching!

It's similar to a cardboard cupcake stand, but is Matt Gold in colour on one side and white the other and has 6 tiers.  It holds 73 sweets just along the front row, more can fit behind.

They will come flat-packed ready for self-assembly are very easy to put together.  Just slot the 2 middle pieces together, then slide the largest tier down to the bottom until it rests on the little tabs.  Then do the same for the other tiers, the smallest one just rests on top of the middle pieces.

You're now ready to add the sweets!

With care these stands can be used again and can be decorated with ribbon, edging, braiding etc. to match any colour schemes.

The Ferrero Rocher Stands are great for any occasion, Candy Buffets, Weddings, Office Parties, Birthday Parties, any event or celebration.

They will be available at the end of September from Maria's Little Wrappers online store.  Below are pictures of the stand put together, and also showing a stand complete with Ferrero Rochers.

DIY Ferrero Rocher Sweet Stand  Ferrero Rocher Sweet Stand DIY